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Key features

Content management system

Connect and remotely control any display in 3 easy steps

Connect our latest digital signage player to your display

Current available player

Login and register your connected device on Crystal CMS dashboard

Accessible from any browser

Your are now ready to schedule and broadcast any type of media!

Broadcast instantly!

Videos, images, music
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Crystal CMS use cases

Crystal dashboard key features

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Broadcasting and scheduling
  • Easily schedule media for broadcast
  • Broadcast apps, video, images
  • Broadcast to several device at once
  • Secure broadcasting
  • Control and create user access
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Video wall management
  • Easy video wall synchronization
  • Easy bezel correction
  • Auto-upscaling feature
  • Pre-tiled content for resolutions higher than 4K
  • UHD encoder add-on option for HDMI input
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Complete remote support
  • Get proof of performance
  • Get live display screenshots
  • Update hardware remotely
  • Online/offline status records
  • Daily power cycle with reboot options

Available plug and play solutions

Crystal CMS pre-installed
Up to 4K resolution
HDMI 2.0 output
Run any android applications
Touch-screen ready
Wi-Fi connectivity
Crystal CMS pre-installed
Collect anonymous analytics data
Tracking cameras
Infrared and laser sensors
Bluetooth beacon
Active and passive RFID tag reader

Solutions to suit all advertising needs

Crystal CMS player

Connect and build your own digital signage network

Plug-in any display (HDMI, LVDS)

Crystal CMS dashboard access

Build your own digital signage network

Live Support 24/7 available

Crystal CMS player + motionbox

Connect and build your own digital signage network with integrated analytics data acquisition

Plug-in any display (HDMI, LVDS)

Crystal CMS dashboard access

Build your own digital signage network

Collect anonymous analytic data

Live Support 24/7 available

Crystal CMS software

Directly integrate Crystal CMS into your devices

Integrate into any android devices

Integrate into any x86 devices

Crystal CMS dashboard access

Live Support 24/7 available

Crystal CMS security is approved by leading retail companies

Security approved by

Frequently asked questions

How do you connect our digital signage player to the internet?

There are 3 ways you can connect our latest digital signage player to the internet: Ethernet (LAN), Cellular network (SIM Hub) and Wi-Fi. In any case, we always recommend setting up a private network for security and latency purposes.

How can Crystal CMS save you managing cost?

You can easily save time and money by managing a network of connected devices completely remotely. This technological edge removes the need for third parties technicians to travel to a device and perform a physical support. Crystal CMS is also provided with many support options including Offline Device Alert which can be setup to alert you when a device goes offline outside of the pre-determined active hours. The possibilities of CMS architecture integrations are endless, please contact us for a complete product demonstration.

How scalable is Crystal CMS content management system?

Crystal CMS was built with the intent for infinite scalability. So far, there are no limits to the amount of devices Crystal CMS can handle. With the dashboard status bars, you can easily identify which devices are online and provide support over a large amount of devices.

Moreover, we offer Live Support 24/7 as an extra available subscription feature. By choosing this extra feature, we will monitor and provide seamless 24/7 support of your devices, giving you a carefree use.

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