Interactive transparent video wall
Project location
Centre Vidéotron, Quebec, QC, Canada
Project description
This was no ordinary project. The idea of overlaying 6000 printed names on a frosted glass behind 10 x 65’’ CrystalFrame panels had never been done before. This magnificent design by Matiers and ABCP Architecture needed a system that could answer the interactivity level of the concept but also the possibility to evolve with time as a connected object. The video wall operates on Crystal CMS, the proprietary operating system developed by Axis4 Media. It utilizes the CrystalPlayer native application as a versatile multi-display video player. Furthermore, Axis4 Media was tasked with creating a bespoke mobile application, compatible with both a dedicated Android tablet and user smartphones. This application enables users to project their names onto the video wall, employing transparency features to indicate their location within the display array.
Solution used
Software solution

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